Meet the Pros: Anchor Point Paper Co.

Today we’re introducing a new series here on the blog, intended to spotlight some of the best & brightest talents in the wedding industry. We know there are so many elements that go into making your wedding day vision come to life – and so many vendors to choose from – so feel free to use this series as a “short list” to use while beginning your vendor search!


The first person we’ll be introducing is Emily Hein, the stationery and calligraphy genius behind Anchor Point Paper Co. After meeting her at a craft festival last summer, we were finally able to work with Emily at the Big Fake Wedding in July 2015. We fell in love with her whimsical designs and shared appreciation of floral elements – she even created custom cards for our bridesmaid gift bracelets at the event! We had the chance to interview Emily recently for this piece, and we’re thrilled to have her be our first featured vendor.


Q: Where are you from? Where do you live/work now?

A: I’m originally from Severna Park, Maryland and am still living there. I’m currently running my business out of my tiny home office, but am looking to move to a larger studio space in the next few months.


Q: When did you start Anchor Point Paper Co.?

A: I formed my LLC in 2014, but I like to think my company started long before that. I’ve been designing cards and invitations for my friends and family ever since I can remember!

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: I find myself constantly being inspired by new and different things! I’m drawn to many of the colors and objects found in nature (you can never have too many flowers!) I’m also a sucker for anything with beautiful typography! I like to incorporate both traditional elements and a little bit of whimsical flair into my work.  

DSC_1132_webQ: What do you love most about the work you do?

A: I love that I can spend all day illustrating and designing paper goods. But I have to say the best part about my job is seeing the reactions of my clients after I show them their invitations proofs! I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients so that I can create a truly unique invitation suite that fits their personalities. When my clients say ‘I love it!’ or ‘It’s perfect!’ it makes all of the hard work and long hours worth it!

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of the work you do?

A: I play a lot of different roles – between the designing, business management, financial planning, marketing and wholesale accounts – it can be hard to keep everything straight! I’m sure every creative business owner can agree that having to constantly switch from the left side to the right side of your brain can be a challenge!

Q: What has been your proudest moment/accomplishment in your business?

A: Being able to make the switch and work for myself full-time. I’m only 24, so I’m pretty proud to be a business owner! :)


Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring stationery designers?

A: I have two pieces of advice:

1-  Sometimes you need to get our of your own head and into the world! Be willing to listen and learn from your customers. Sometimes a design you love just doesn’t sell, and other times one of your least-favorite designs may surprise you and become a best-seller. Being able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your customers is vital to running a successful business!

2-  Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. This is especially important when it comes to time management. You don’t want to waste a lot of time and effort on tasks that may be challenging or unfamiliar to you, especially when your time could be better spent elsewhere! Enlist the help of a financial advisor, business consultant, marketing firm or even just a friend! Delegating those tasks off – whenever possible – will help lighten your workload and give you time to focus on what you’re good at and really love to do!

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Featured Vendor at The Big Fake Wedding

0070_KimberlyBrooke_8344Today we’ve been given the great honor of being a Highlighted Vendor on The Big Fake Wedding’s blog! Click over to their website to read the full write-up and learn a bit about lead designer Alison’s journey as the owner of J’Adorn Designs.

Enjoy some images of the jewelry we created for The BFW Baltimore after the jump!








“It was SUCH a joy getting to know and work with Alison from J’Adorn Designs in Baltimore. It is difficult for me to believe that she is a self-taught jeweler as her intricate designs are pure artistry. Alison’s attention to detail – and sweet personality! – make her a dream to work with. For all of you brides-to-be out there, I encourage you to consider working with J’Adorn Designs to create something special for your special day…and for all of those special ladies who will be by your side (mamas, grandmamas, bridesmaids, flower girls).”
-The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore Team



Featured Work: Marigold & Grey Flower Girl Gift


Click on over to the Marigold & Grey blog this morning to learn about the inspiration behind the handcrafted accessories we created for these darling flower girl gifts (now available to purchase!) and for an interview with our lead designer, Alison Jefferies.

Many thanks to M&G founder Jamie Kutchmann-Wynne for the beautiful feature, and Abby Jiu Photography for the stunning images! Be sure to take a look at the other pre-designed gifts for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids in this very special collection.


Know Your Bling :: Silver Jewelry

Today we’re continuing our educational series “Know Your Bling” with an in-depth look at silver jewelry. When selecting pieces for your personal collection, it’s important to remember that not all “silver jewelry” is created equal. There is variety in levels of actual silver content – or purity – and some metals that look silver are not actually silver at all. Here’s a run down of the different types of “silver jewelry” you may encounter, from highest purity to lowest.


Fine Silver refers to items that are made from 99% pure silver. While it is especially lustrous, fine silver is not appropriate for most jewelry because it is not very durable, bending easily due to its softness. For this reason, it is not commonly used in jewelry that will be worn on at least a semi-regular basis.


Tiffany & Co.’s famous toggle necklace is sterling silver

Sterling Silver comes next in terms of silver content. It has a composition of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other base metal alloy, with these proportions set by law. Sterling silver is often considered the standard among jewelry makers because it offers greater durability than fine silver while maintaining its high level of quality & beauty. It is the best option for those with metal sensitivities, and many of our bridal earrings have sterling silver posts (even the gold ones!) due to this fact. You can often identify sterling silver pieces by looking closely for a tiny “.925″ stamped somewhere on the piece.


These cubic zirconia earrings from our bridal collection feature sterling silver posts & elements.

Sterling Silver Filled items are made by combining a durable outer layer of sterling silver and a copper-alloy core. To qualify as sterling silver-filled, and item must be made of at least 10-20% sterling silver. It receives an anti-tarnish coating at the end of the fabrication process to preserve the beauty of the metal. Sterling silver-filled items are often cited as being a more affordable alternative to sterling silver without sacrificing quality, but I have noticed in my own use that these items tend to patina (or look “antiqued”/lose their pure color) about as quickly as silver plated metals. For this reason, much of the silver jewelry in the J’Adorn Designs shop is either sterling silver or silver plated.


This bridesmaid’s jewelry features silver plated components. Many of our bridal clients opt for silver plated jewelry in their bridesmaids’ gifts because it is both beautiful and affordable.

Silver Plated metal is made up of a base metal alloy core with a fine silver outer layer. This is the most cost-effective alternative to fine silver in its more solid forms that still contains actual silver. That being said, the layer of plating does wear off with use, usually within 6 months in my personal experience.

Silver Finished, also called “silver toned” or “silver colored” jewelry does not actually contain silver, but rather is a base metal that’s been plated with a different metal that has a silvery color. This is typically the type of “silver” jewelry components you will see at crafts stores such as Michael’s, JoAnn’s, and A.C. Moore.

Platinum wedding band from Tiffany & Co.

Platinum wedding band from Tiffany & Co.

Other “silver” metals vary widely in terms of quality and use. For instance, platinum is a favorite among connoisseurs of fine jewelry because it is extremely rare, holds up well, and is more valuable than gold or silver, but looks like silver in color.

Rhodium is another silver-colored metal that is often used in fine jewelry for plating purposes; its most common use is in white gold (which is really just yellow gold with a rhodium plating overtop).

Other metals like aluminum and nickel look similar to silver in color but are less expensive options with different levels of shine, color depth, and brightness.  They are often used in alloys to create less durable but inexpensive jewelry, such as much of the mass-produced fashion jewelry found in chain stores.

Although gold and rose gold are gaining popularity at the moment, silver has stood the test of time as a favorite in jewelry making since ancient times. It looks like silver is here to stay! Hopefully you’ve learned something new from this post and you’ll be a bit more confident next time you walk into a jewelry store or reach out to us with a custom design project.

DIY Necklace Workshop with Capitol Romance


flower pearl necklace headerWe are pleased to announce that we will be leading Capitol Romance’s August DIY Workshop! Join us at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital in Washington, D.C. on August 2nd at 2:00pm. Attendees will learn tips and tricks from J’Adorn Designs’ owner & designer, Alison Jefferies. Each attendee will also learn how to create their own pearl & flower necklace to take home.
Grab your tickets here, and get ready for a great afternoon of crafting & learning. Workshop ticket prices include all tools and items needed to create the craft, snacks and beverages provided by local vendors, and a sponsored favor! More information is available here.