My Vacation in Snapshots

Hi friends! They had to forcibly drag me from my beach chair, but my tropical vacation is officially over and now I am back to work! We leave again tonight to visit family for Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from our vacation with you. Enjoy!

I think a week in paradise with my husband & his family was exactly what I needed. I felt so inspired by all of the colors, textures and shapes that were around me at Marco Island and I kept my sketchbook handy at all times for new designs that kept coming to me. Bright flowers, blue skies, tiny white shells, spiky palm trees (Who knew there were so many different types of palm trees!?) I got to relax by the pool, sail on the gulf, watch sunsets over the water from our balcony, ride a mint green bike to the local Starbucks, and play endless games of dominoes & Canasta at night. I miss basking in the sun each day, but I’ve come home rejuvenated and pushing full speed ahead with all of the projects on my plate. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m going to need that extra energy!

I wish all of you lovelies the happiest Thanksgiving and safe travels this weekend. I’ll be announcing a Black Friday special for my shop very soon, so keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter to make sure you’re in the loop!

Xo,  Ali

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